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AACSB Akkreditierung MBA University of Liverpool

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Hallo allerseits,

in der LinkedIn-Gruppe der University of Liverpool wurde schon vor einiger Zeit angesprochen das die Universitaet momentan AACSB-Akkreditierung anstrebt. Dazu gibt es hier nun ein kleines Update durch Zak Ward, den "Online Community Specialist at Laureate Online Education".

Der Einfachheit halber habe ich den Wortlaut mal direkt kopiert:

The University of Liverpools online programmes should be recognised in the USA by potential employers as the degree certificate and qualification you will receive from studying online will be identical to the campus equivelent. In most countries educational accreditation is overseen by a government organisation. Other countries have a system of non-governmental accreditation agencies.

In the United Kingdom, the power to award degrees is given to academic institutions by an Act of Parliament – or in the case of the oldest Universities by Royal Charter. These academic institutions are known as ‘Recognised Bodies’. Once an academic institution is a ‘Recognised Body’, then the quality of education they offer is overseen by a governmental body, the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).

You can check this on the website maintained by the UK government’s Department for Business Innovation and Skills; http://www.dcsf.gov.uk/recognisedukdegree.

On the above website, click on the link for Recognised Bodies and look for the University of Liverpool’s listing under ‘L’.

At this stage, the Initial Accreditation Committee of the AACSB has accepted the work done by the School to demonstrate UoL meets the AACSB's quality standards. These standards place particular emphasis on the quality of the teaching faculty, which in our case includes the faculty who teach the online programmes.

ULMS will now be invited to submit a Self Evaluation Report (SER), which, once submitted, will be used as the basis for a Peer Review visit, due to take place in the Autumn 2012. The Peer Review is the final step in the process to obtain AACSB accreditation. We are working hard to have the accreditation with our MBA programme soon.

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