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MBA-Online-Studium jetzt akkreditiert!

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Der Online-Studiengang der University of Liverpool zum MBA ist jetzt akkreditiert worden.

Der Link: http://www.uol.ohecampus.com/pressreleases/160307.phtml

Der dazugehörige Text der Pressemitteilung:

The Online MBA Programme for the University of Liverpool in Partnership with Laureate Online Education Receives CEL Accreditation.

March 16, 2007

The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) awarded its programme accreditation for teChnology-Enhanced Learning (CEL Accreditation) to the University of Liverpool's Online MBA programme delivered in partnership with Laureate Online Education. EFMD, an organisation that has proven its commitment to international business with EQUIS Accreditation, has now developed an accreditation dedicated to raising the standards of technology enhanced learning programmes worldwide.

The University of Liverpool online MBA programme, with specialisations in Finance & Accounting and Marketing, is delivered fully online, and has a student body of 1,758 students from more than 150 countries.

"I consider this to be a timely recognition of the quality of the programme that ULMS offers with our partner Laureate Online Education. I feel sure that CEL accreditation will help us to pursue our policy of continuous improvement of the programme and will help us to maintain our position as a leader in online MBA provision world-wide,” said Professor Peter Taylor, director of the university's Management School.

“The CEL accreditation is further confirmation that the University of Liverpool online MBA programme has the substance, standards and focus needed to enable its graduates to succeed and excel in a professional career environment,” said Paula R. Singer, President and CEO, Laureate Online Education, Laureate Education, Inc.

Professor of E-Learning Paul Leng, director of the University of Liverpool E-Learning Unit, added, "I am also delighted at this recognition of the quality of our online programmes. I am especially pleased as it comes as a result of a careful review by experts with a deep understanding of online learning as well as of business and management."



Absolvent Online-Studium zum

Master of Science in Information Technology

an der University of Liverpool

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