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TOEIC Preparation - TOEIC Vorbereitung

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The test of English for international communications (TOEIC).

The TOEIC is the largest internationally recognised language qualification with over 4.4 million test takers per year? But you should prepare for the TOEIC. Many people would like to know beforehand, what their level is and how much training they need. They would also like to know when they are ready to take the test and get the score they require. Training courses are expensive and you have to attend them with little flexibility. NOW you have the opportunity to prepare for the TOEIC as and when you like, 24 hours day, 7 days a week and also have a trainer there to help and assist you.

Now you can prepare for the TOEIC and also see your estimated TOEIC level. WorldTOEIC (http://www.worldtoeic.com) is run by an official TOEIC test centre and is supported by official TOEIC administrators (http://www.hamburg-english.de and .com)

The website is for people wishing to prepare for the TOEIC or for people wishing to improve their business English. The site has hundreds of TOEIC questions for each part of the TOEIC test including real TOEIC format practice and estimate tests. All TOEIC questions (over 2000) can be reviewed after you complete them to see where you went wrong and help you learn.

The unique performance monitor will allow you to see your level, not only on an overall basis, but also per question type. This will allow you to focus your training to those areas you need to improve. As you train, your level is automatically assessed so you can see what score you could possibly achieve in the real TOEIC. Additionally the site is the only site currently available that also offers exercises for the new TOEIC speaking module. Your answers are recorded and automatically uploaded to your personal trainer, who is also available to answer your questions and offer help by email.

The site is full of tips and advice regarding doing the TOEIC, the TOEIC questions and how they test your skills, and administration and attending the test.

Additionally the site includes an English learning area with separate exercises to help you learn English grammar and vocabulary, neatly set out in themed areas. Again each of the questions has a review page to help you learn and show you where you made mistakes.

Currently the site is offering a free trial so you can see before you buy. WorldTOEIC offer you a cost effective, comprehensive and flexible solution to make sure of your success in the TOEIC.

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Werbung? - Dann bitte doch auch als solche deutlich machen.

Außerdem handelt es sich hier um ein deutschsprachiges Forum - zumindest eine deutsche Einleitung sollte daher zum guten Ton gehören.

Viele Grüße

Markus Jung

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Beacten Sie bitte: Die webadrese für OnlineEnglish ist www.onlineenglish.de

"worldtoeic" ist nicht mehr gültig!

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