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Über diesen Blog

www.onlineenglish.de - www.hamburg-english.de Dieser Blog beschäftigt sich mit der Vorbereitung für den TOEIC und unserer Webseite at www.onlineenglish.de. This blog is about preparation for the TOEIC test an

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OnlineEnglish is an online training platform developed not only for students, but also for schools, universities and other organizations.

The website can be used complete with registration and login pages in your schools own colors, logo and style.

Additionally, the website includes a complete training administration panel from which you can control and monitor your students training, progress and improvement.

Go to one of our access points at www.onlineenglish.de, www.onlineenglish.eu, or www.onlineenglish900.com and read about our partner program.


But what about speaking?

So many people comment about the TOEIC test and whether it can measure the actual speaking ability of a person. Remember, the standard TOEIC test only covers listening and reading.

This is a controversial subject but nevertheless, facts have shown there is a high average showing a direct relationship. From a person's test results in respect to their ability in listening and reading, it is possible to gain an appreciation of how that person would perform in a spoken situation. The only points that one could not assess is actually fluency, speed and pronunciation of that individual.

However for these points the TOEIC speaking and writing module is available. At OnlineEnglish there are also exercises to improve a student’s pronunciation, description, sentence formulation and ability in the spoken word.



OnlineEnglish was developed by professional business persons and business English language trainers. Some of these are also authorized TOEIC and TOEFL test administrators. The combination of knowledge allowed the development of our Online training resource.

OnlineEnglish is for all students, those that wish only to prepare for the test and those that wish to improve their business English. Not forgetting, those that wish to do both.

The website uses the tried and trusted techniques of focused training. Training that follows the proverb "to get where you wish to go, you must know where you are and where you have been"


Preparation is one matter, business English improvement is another.

Preparation will allow the release of your full knowledge at the time of the test by becoming accustomed to the test environment. In this way you could possibly achieve a higher score. Naturally any contact with English will lead to an improvement in knowledge, but the use of preparation for improvement is a little like trying to fill your swimming pool with water using a teaspoon.

Business English improvement will improve your knowledge and ability to use English both quickly and efficiently. Business English improvement includes much more than just learning grammar and vocabulary, it also means improving your ability to understand and ability to locate information in both the spoken and written forms, to feel the music of the language. Good business English training is vital to generally improve your use of English.


The Need to Prepare.

Preparation for the TOEIC test is vital. With good preparation you can become accustomed to the test, the questions, the procedures and you can plan exactly how to approach your test sitting.

Proper preparation can release your English knowledge and allow you to use it more effectively during the test, so you can reach a higher TOEIC score level.

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