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Week 4-5: Discussion without discussion and questions?-Not desired

I'm only going to write briefly today, because I first have to put the current emotions and thoughts regarding the continuation of my studies into a reasonably pragmatic order, freed from culture clash and "at my former faculty".  At the moment, the mood is somewhat depressed. Our course has not only halved in size so far, but at the same time there is a general dissatisfaction with the strong structure, which was never a problem at first after Prof. eins. While our group discussions were pretty dead (at least from what we heard here and there from other groups), the discussion was quite intense. In the course of this, it also turned out that in the previous evaluations of the module, the workload was already stated to be inconsistent and the calculation of the work periods to not correspond to part-time studies.


As an example. In Germany, 1 ECTS corresponds to 30 semester hours per week. Part-time studies in distance learning have an average workload of 15 hours (+/-). I am currently doing an individual paper (2.5 credits/ 2 points). Accordingly, it should correspond to at least 60 semester hours per week. A fellow student calculated that it would take at least 3.33 weeks to complete. In our case, it is only 5.5 days (thanks to the late release of the assignment). However, there are only 4 pages. But they are quite demanding in that you are supposed to develop your contribution to the discussion in a well-founded, theory-based way using Foucault and Turner. It would have been really helpful to develop this for discussion, because with my topic on unemployment benefit II and full health sanctions, you can derive a lot from Turner, but with Foucault's Birth of the Clinic it looks quite different, which is why I only managed one page today. The goal is to finish tomorrow so that I can take a deep breath before the next lecture on Wednesday.


In any case, I'm glad that I don't have another paper due during the graduation ceremony (on Saturday), but a lecture, so that I can simply enjoy the weekend in Bremen with my father and finally celebrate my graduation. I don't have that yet.


Well, there was still the topic of discussion. A nice idea in itself, but annoying in Canvas. It didn't really work out either. We were a group of four. Each person had to write an initial contribution and provide supporting documents, and then respond to the contributions of the others in the same way. In general, I think many struggled with the time frame (Thursdays to Wednesdays 23:59). Monday I didn't really get on Canvas at all, Tuesday I posted (there were 2 of us). Then the announcement came that only those posts had to be answered that were posted on Tuesdays within regular working hours. There was no one else after me. One fellow student was later in the evening and the last one didn't make it until late afternoon on Wednesday. But then the other stipulation for the late posters was that they had to answer all the previous posts. Well, what can I say, I did my part and answered everyone (including the late posters) at least 1x. But I can't say the same. Only one student contributed, but unfortunately more with questions than with well-founded input (and not only in my discussion). What really made me angry, however, was that despite the announcement that no one would be punished for the misconduct of others, one does have disadvantages in the paper. One possibility is to develop and discuss one's topic against the background of the appropriate aspects by fellow students. Unfortunately, I can't do that. 


What bothers me most, however, is the lack of formal structure or the possibility of simply reading through the information somewhere sensibly. I am also used to the fact from my previous distance learning course that asking questions is more than welcome. It is an effective teaching medium for students who can neither physically attend a lecture nor go to a consultation hour. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the understanding of my current professor. Because already in 3 direct mail questions (1 subject-related and 2 because his statements on the task are simply = 0 as far as formal standards are concerned and I am used to something else), he is sorry that he cannot answer so many questions, he has other students he has to help and besides, he has to do his research. The hkr seems to have a very simple concept, if it's not in the job description, it's not required. Well, you can see it however you want. It gets on my nerves sometimes. In the meantime, however, I have finished the outline for the paper and also a passable-looking document structure for an academic paper. I just stick to a mixture of MLA and APA standards. It can't be wrong, because it wasn't written anywhere ;). 


So it remains exciting. But why, why does a health science degree have to start only with social sciences. Sociology was already not my thing. Must be the soci in the word ;).


So long, let's see what I can tell you next time or whether I'll have thrown in the towel by then, because I feel like it. And here we are again with my Matra "But at the APOLLON....I want to go to the APOLLON.... Why don't I go back to the APOLLON...Alright, I'll have an ice cream first!"



Ps.: Spelling is off today!

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